Università della Svizzera italiana
Via Giuseppe Buffi 13,  CH-6904 Lugano

Tel.: +41 (0)58 666 40 00 -  Fax: +41 (0)58 666 46 47

Located in the heart of Lugano, the Campus hosts the USI Faculties of Communication Sciences, Economics and Informatics, as well as the University central administrative offices and library. The nucleus of the Lugano Campus is an ancient neoclassical palace (1); the central block with a cafeteria on the second floor and the auditorium on the third floor (2); the "Red Building" with lecture halls and seminar rooms; and the informatics building (4). Further, there are the Aula Magna (5); the library (6); the LAB/ "Glass Building" (7).


Getting to USI campus

By car – A2 Motorway: exit Lugano Nord, follow the direction “Lugano-Gandria” to the Vedeggio Cassarate Tunnel. Exit the tunnel and keep going straight till you reach a crossroad (the stadium is in front of you) turn left at the crossroad onto via Alla Bozzoreda. Keep the right lane and turn right at the traffic light onto via Ciani. Keep going straight following the river Cassarate. The underground University parking lot is passed the second traffic light after the Glass Building (The Lab) on your right. If you need to reach the University entrance instead, keep going straight passed the parking lot entrance and turn second right onto via Fusoni. Turn second right onto Via Lambertenghi and keep going straight till the end of the road until you see the University main building in front of you.

By bus from the train station: go to the bus stop across the street from the train station and take the bus nr. 6 direction Cornaredo and get off at “Università” (3 stops).

By bus from downtown Lugano: At the bus terminal, take the Bus 5 direction “Viganello” and get off at “Università” (3 stops) .

On foot (around 20-25 minutes): reach the city centre by taking the pedestrian bridge across the street from the train station and follow the road downhill.  From Piazza Cioccaro head south to Piazza Dante. Walk across the square and turn left onto Via Pretorio. Cross Via Pretorio to get to the bus terminal. Walk pass the bus terminal and keep heading straight onto Corso Pestalozzi until you reach a big underground parking and the entrance of the park Ciani. Turn left onto Via Lucchini and keep walking straight until you reach the University main building (Via Lucchini eventually becomes Via Lambertenghi).